Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Baby Gift Baskets

All gift baskets items are filled in a 3 litter and come in pink, blue and neutral. A tag attached will identify all the items include.

Items include, but may change due to availability:

bath towel
choice of powder or lotion
choice of sippy cup or bottle
teething rings
2 pack of mittens

Baby Bottle Gift Baskets are even complete with a nipple on the top.

Gift baskets are $15, which does not include shipping. Please contact us for further details.

Friday, January 30, 2009


These are the cutiest note pads around! Each note pad is hand stamped on each page, background design and flowers on the binder clip will vary so be sure to ask for more details.

Below are the current notepads for sale at $5 each.


Available stamp design (Ask about available post it notes colors):

Other available flower designs:

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Soothe Away the Aches and Pains Bath Salt

This bath salt can soothe away a stiff back, sore feet, muscles, legs and ease away tension. You might be surprised to learn that adding a little bath salt to your bath can actually help improve your circulation.

Standard bath salt comes in white, but we can customize with color and scents to promote relaxation.

Contact us today for pricing. Salts can be shipped in a bag or in a decorative glass container. Designs very depending on volume of salt it holds.

Chocolate Malkshake Bath Soak

This fun item comes in a standard 6 1/2 inch tall traditional milkshake glass.

Bath soak can be shipped in a bag or in the decorative milkshake glass. If milkshakes aren't your thing we also has coffee mugs as a substitute. Order today and get a bonus cherry bath fizzie or marshmallow fizzie to top off your milkshake bath.

Chocolate Milkshake Bath Soak only $3

Chocolate Milkshake Bath Soak plus glass $5

*Prices listed above do not include shipping. Please contact us with any questions or for a final price quote.